More pages to write and organize your content

Starter sites come with 7 pages

for you to write and organize your content. Having a limit to the number of pages can be seen as an opportunity to really think about organization and how you present your content to your readers. This organization of your content is a very important first step when building a website.

Upgrading to Pro will give you up to 30 pages

to present your chosen topic to your reader. Remember though, that even with the additional pages you should still be concentrating on making your content both well organized and original. This will not only benefit your readers but Google will find it a much more appealing site to provide. 

Google also gives some priority to sites with a higher density of pages as long as it does not come at the expense of original and well organized content.

Having more, clearly written, well organized pages will help to increase your site's visibility.

Content is the heart of your site, more pages is key

To learn more about the organization of content, click on the following link and read our dedicated site: 

How to organize your content and write for the web.