Selling items or collecting donations on your website

If you have the need to integrate e-commerce functions into your website, for example,to sell services or items or to collect donations, you will be able to accomplish this with a Pro site.

First you need to set up an Paypal Account of your own, then,

It is easy to set up Paypal buttons and link them to your SimDif site. All you need to do is choose what type of button you need, there are three types. 

  1. A Paypal button placed in the site tabs to collect donations ( US, Canada, Europe, ...) 
  2. Paypal buttons integrated into your site under blocks or photos to sell single items
  3. Paypal buttons integrated into your site to sell multiple items with a "view cart" button in the top right corner of your site. 

Once you have chosen what type of button you would like you now only need to choose where you would like them to appear. Then simply click the button in your website editor to link the buttons to your Paypal account. 

You can click on the following link to

learn more about how to use Paypal functions.