Using your domain name with your SimDif site

Every SimDif site comes with a free domain name in the form of

but on Pro sites, you can also use your own domain name.

You can use an external domain of the type (or .net, .org., ...) 

Using an external domain name could be a good idea if: 

  1. You are already using a domain name and you don't want to lose the traffic that comes to this domain name. This will let you keep the reputation and trust that you have worked so hard to build with the site that was previously hosted there. Also your readers won't have to update their bookmarks, to them it will just seem like your site has had an update. 
  2. You feel that having an external domain will help with your web presence or your branding. 
  3. You want to ensure that you have the freedom to move away from SimDif if your design needs change and you find that you need additional features such as access to your own databases for example: A sophisticated online shopping solution.

Click here to visit our dedicated help site on choosing a name for your site and possibly using an external domain name with a SimDif site. 

Is the price of a domain name included in the Pro sites ?

Your own domain name is not included in the price of a Pro site, but please note:
For this very reasonable price you have, all the pro features, the apps giving you the unique ability to edit your entire site from any mobile device, and a high quality hosting included.

All this makes SimDif one of the least expensive solutions to create a website in the world at this time

We also offer you a free domain name, with the extension You may want to check our page allowing you to understand if you need a custom site name or not.

a few precious advice on how to choose your domain name, and a dedicate page to help you link your domain name to to your SimDif Site.