Get a free professional review of your published site

The feedback we offer you here is pretty unique.

Using the SimDif guides you can learn to create and organize your website content for your readers and for Google.

The guides offer you a clear method to build a successful website. You will be introduced to the right questions to ask yourself as you create your website, and find essential tips to apply.

However, a professional opinion and an experienced and fresh set of eyes can be invaluable.

Pro Site users can now get a personal review of their website, from an experienced professional webmaster, for free.

To get a professional review of your website :

What we are happy to offer you

  • Spend from 20 to 30 minutes personally on your site
  • Report all aspects that can be improved in order of importance
  • Give you the links to the corresponding pages in our guides to help you address these issues

... and when this advice has been implemented, we will be happy to feature your site on our Facebook page. This will give a little more visibility to your work and will provide a good example for others of what can be achieved with SimDif.

This special offer is only for Pro sites.