The additional features you get
when you upgrade your Starter site to Pro

Create up to 30 pages

More pages allow you to present your topic in greater detail. Your audience and your website's position in the search engines will benefit from the improved depth of content.

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Use your own domain 

Every SimDif site comes with a free domain name ( like but Pro Sites allow you to use a domain you already own, or to register ( like and use it as the address of your SimDif site.( Please note, the price of your domain name is not included in the Pro site )

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Get detailed statistics on your website visitors

Link Google Analytics to your web pages and find out how many people are visiting your site, how they arrive and much more. An important tool for businesses.

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Customize your site's appearance

With our unique graphic ThemeDesigner you can edit your site's appearance. By changing the colors, the shapes and fonts you can start to build an identity that your readers will recognize.

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Integrate basic e-commerce functions and secured payment

Add Paypal buttons to sell items online or collect donations.

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Multiple language sites linked by flags

Pro sites can be duplicated for translation and the new sites are linked to each other by flags. Duplicate sites are also Pro and the 1st year is free.

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Password protected pages

Restrict access to a published page with a password. Create multiple password protected pages, each with their own unique password. A great feature if you have information that you want to offer to some people and not others.

18 New fonts

Pro Sites now have 18 more fonts to help you customize your theme. The new fonts bring the total number of fonts to 29, giving you a great opportunity to add a distinctive style to your website.

Personal professional feedback on your completed site

Publish your site, after first following all the advice of the SimDif guides, and get a free personal review of your site from a professional webmaster.

Download your site

All SimDif sites are backed up on our servers, but with Pro Sites you can download a folder containing the files that make up your site to your computer. This can be a useful backup, should you ever decide to move your site.

Finally, Starter sites require re-publishing every 21 days. 
With Pro Sites this is no longer necessary.

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