Knowing a little more about who is visiting your website.

Get to know your visitors by integrating Google Analytics into your SimDif website. 

When your website is up and running you may want to have information about the people who are visiting your site. 
  • How many people are coming to your site
  • Their geographic location
  • The amount of time they spend on your site
  • How much of your site they read
  • How your visitors are finding you on the internet
  • What areas of your site are most popular

By setting up a free Google Analytics account and integrating the code into your Pro site you will be able to answer these questions and many more. Setting up Google Analytics is easy for a Pro account. All you need to do is have a free Google Analytics account, find the UA code and add this code to your Site Preferences menu. 

Then just re-publish your site and Google Analytics will start providing you with very interesting information about who is coming to your website. 

For more detailed information about setting up Google Analytics with your site.

Click here for the dedicated Google Analytics help site.