Download your SimpleDifferent website.

Pro sites give your the ability to download all of the files (.html and .css) that make up this website.

You might want to do this if you are concerned about having a personal back up of your site or would like to display your website off line.

It is also a good way to have your site independent of SimDif. For example if you would like to host a SimDif site on your own server or you find that you require a data base or other features that SimDif does not offer, but still wan tho keep the ease of use SimDif offers. 

Please note: SimDif is not able to offer support for these files. We make Pro sites available to download but can not offer any help in what ever you choose to do with these files. 

The downloaded files are clearly written an optimized in standard HTML with their css file.

To download a Pro site to your computer is very easy: 

- open the "Account Preferences" menu on the top right corner of your SimDif site editor. 

- Select the tab "Download a Pro site" and select the Pro site that you would like to download from the menu. The files will be provided to you as a .zip file.