Affordability, how we are able to keep the price down.

The price of a Pro site can appear surprising low

All the relevant tools, hosting included, no limits on bandwidth or hidden costs 

Just one clear unique flat rate of $59 USD.

How we keep Pro sites so affordable. 

First we truly have a desire to make the service as affordable possible. We have optimized our own expenses so that we are able to provide you with a very efficient service at a very good price. 

A big expense in running a service like ours is the accumulation of uncared for and unused sites that are bound to pile up when offering a free website. We are able to keep this accumulation of forgotten sites down by doing a little spring cleaning every day.

The free sites must be re-published every 21 days to stay online.

This allows us to keep our servers clean and operating at a high capacity for our users that are dedicated to their websites. If a site is forgotten for a long period of time it will be deleted from the servers, keeping them even more optimized. 

Pro sites have another added benefit. 

They do not have to be re-published every 21 days to stay active and visible on the internet. 

Pro sites will be active (published or not) as long as they are valid.

This policy allows us to provide very high quality hosting to users that show a willingness to care for their sites. Regardless of whether these sites are free Starter sites or Pro sites.