The ThemeDesigner

Free Starters sites have 63 themes for you to choose from.

But if you want to have a site that has a little more of your personal flair, Pro sites will give you access to the Theme Designer. 

The ThemeDesigner allows you to customize
all graphic aspects of your pro site:

  • Change the colors of your site, background, lines, text and tabs
  • Choose a shape for the navigation tabs you use and change the way they look. 
  • Change the shape of your background
  • Customize the color of links. 
  • Pick a font that suites your site and change the size to match your needs

The Theme Designer will let  you customize the way your site looks.
A bit more info about The Theme Designer on the "tools guide"

To see examples of what SimDif users have done with their Pro sites, please check our Facebook page.

To see how fonts will look on your website,
Click here and visit the font demonstration site.