Hosting is included for all SimDif sites

With SimDif, you can publish your site directly to the internet and see the results appear immediately online on the web.

Whether you have a Starter Site or a Pro Site, your sites have access to the same high quality hosting solution in France. We use dedicated physical servers in 2 distinct locations, hosted by the biggest and most reliable European provider

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Regardless of whether you have a Starter Site or a Pro Site you will have no restrictions on your hosting. There are no bandwidth limits : no restrictions on the number of people that can come to your site or on the number of times they can look at your site.
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Our servers are very high quality and based in France.

We have done all we can to ensure that you enjoy top quality hosting and that your sites are safely backed up and have extremely high uptime. 

We put a huge amount of thought and effort into our hosting so that you can forget about it and concentrate on what is really important. The formulation of your content and how you present it for your readers and for Google.