Protect individual pages with a password

You may have information, promotions or offers that you want to make available to some people but not to others.

Password protected pages allows you to restrict access to individual published pages.

Only those with whom you share a password will be able to see the page.

How to password protect a page of your site:

  • Check "Site Settings" (2nd icon in the top-right corner) and go to "Protect a page with a Password" (2nd item from the bottom of the list) to activate password protection.
  • You will then see a shield icon at the top right of each page. ( see illustration )
  • Click on the shield icon and you will see that the page already has a username. All you have to do is set a password.
  • Share this password with anyone to whom you want to give access to the page.
  • Please note that the username always starts with "page-..."