11 Reasons to upgrade your SimDif site to Pro

With Starter Sites you get a free website and a great set of tools...

Now you can take your website further with the Pro features.

Pro Sites give you a number of additional features 
to help you develop and promote your website.

Pro Features Include :

  • Create up to 30 pages

  • Use your own domain name (not included) with your site:
    for example www.yourname.com

  • Get detailed statistics on your website visitors:
    Integrate Google Analytics and learn how they do.

  • Customize your theme: Adjust the graphic details of your site's appearance with our unique ThemeDesigner.

  • Integrate Paypal buttons: Sell items or collect donations.

  • Multiple Language sites: Duplicate your Pro site for translation and get the 1st Pro year for free.

  • Restrict access to individual pages with a password.

  • Customize your theme with 18 beautiful new fonts.

  • Get professional feedback on your published site
    ( after applying the advice of the guides ).

  • Download a backup of your site.

  • No need to re-publish with Pro Sites:
    ( Starter sites need re-publishing every 21 days.)